Superior Evaporants Incorporated

Technical Information

Material:  Cerium Fluoride



Formula: CeF3

Product Form: granules 1‑2.5mm

Molecular weight:  197.12

Catalog#: 1200


Density: ~ 6.16 g/cm3

Melting point:  1429oC

Vapor pressure at 1227oC ~ 10‑4 mbar

Expansion coefficient:  11.5 x 10‑5 K

Solubility: insoluble in H2O


Type analysis:

Iron(Fe)          <48 ppm

Nickel(Ni)        <13 ppm

Manganese(Mn)     < 9 ppm

Chromium(Cr)      < 5 ppm

Cobalt(Co)        <15 ppm

Copper(Cu)        <13 ppm       

Titanium(Ti)      <13 ppm



Properties of thin film:

Transmission range: ~ 300‑5000nm

Refractive index at 300nm ~ 1.70

Refractive index at 400nm ~ 1.65

Refractive index at 500nm ~ 1.63

Refractive index at 600nm ~ 1.62

Refractive index at 1000nm ~ 1.60

Evaporation temperature~1450oC


Hints on evaporation:

Substrate temperature: 300oC

Evaporate using tantalum or molybdenum boat.

Evaporate using E‑Beam with low energy diffused beam.


Anti‑reflection coatings, broadband anti‑reflection coatings for glass (nd=1.48‑1.52) using CeF3, Mixture #1‑cat#2000, and MgF2.

For more information call 1‑800‑92SUPER.