Superior Evaporants Incorporated

Technical Information

Material:  FIRM 1



Name: FIRM 1

Formula:  PrF3

Product Form: granules 2‑5mm

Catalog#: 3700


Density 6.83g/cm3

Melting point:  1400oC

Vapor pressure at 1180 oC ~ 10‑2 mbar




Type analysis:

              Iron(Fe)            <21 ppm

              Nickel(Ni)          <25 ppm

              Cobalt(Co)          <14 ppm

              Copper(Cu)          <32 ppm

              Chromium(Cr)        <20 ppm

              Manganess(Mn)       < 2 ppm



Properties of thin film:


Transmission range: 220‑11000nm

Refractive index at 550nm ~ 1.54

Refractive index at 2500nm ~ 1.48

Refractive index at 10000nm ~ 1.38

Evaporation temperature ~ 1450 oC

Absorption coefficient: 10000nm ~ 3x10‑3


Hints on evaporation:


Substrate temperature: 150oC‑300oC on ZnS ambient on Ge or Si

Evaporate using IAD (Ion Assisted Deposition)

Material partially sublimes

Deposition rate: 7 angs/sec




Anti‑reflection coatings, broadband anti‑reflection coatings and multi layer coatings for Far I.R. proven replacement for ThF4 when using ion assisted deposition

For more information call 1‑800‑92SUPER.