Superior Evaporants Incorporated

Technical Information

Material: Zirconium Oxide



Formula: ZrO2

Molecular weight: 132.22

Product Form: Grey tablets ~ 1 gram, 6 gram and 10 gram

Catalog#:  2800, 2810, 2811


Density: 5.6 g/cm3

Melting point: 2720oC

Vapor pressure at 2110oC 10‑3 mbarr

Other: Hf < 75ppm

Solubility: Insoluble in H2O, soluble in HF 



Type analysis:

Iron(Fe)          <13 ppm

Magnesium(Mg)     <21 ppm

Calcium(Ca)       <36 ppm

Titanium(Ti)      <36 ppm

Silicon(Si)       <79 ppm



Properties of thin film:


Transmission range: 300‑7000nm

Refractive index at 300nm ~ 2.10

Refractive index at 500nm ~ 2.05

Evaporation temperature ~ 2400oC

Absorption coefficient at 550 nm ~ 2 x 10‑4

Structure: tetragonal



Hints on evaporation:


Substrate temperature ~ 250oC

Deposition rate ~ 30nm/min

O2 partial pressure ~ 1‑2 x 10‑4 mbar

Evaporate using E‑Beam

Refractive index will decrease in relationship with the thickness of the film.




Anti‑reflection coatings, high damage threshold coatings e.g. inner cavity Nd:yag mirrors, U.V. coatings